back in the saddle

I've been traveling for the past two weeks, wonderful wonderful days of work + play in my home city of Los Angeles. I'm energized and inspired after spending time with some of my best friends in the wedding industry, after getting lots of great counsel and advice from people who know what makes me tick. I have been jotting down ideas and goals, pages and pages of them, but my number one priority now that I'm back with my {lovah} in Colorado? Finish organizing my office!!!

It seems a little silly to finish this project when {lovah} and I have decided that we'll be moving when our lease is up in two short months, but I figure that the more organized my office is now, the easier it will be to pack and relocate when the time comes.

I still need to clean out my files and do some purging, but things are coming together. I have loads of styling jobs and lovely weddings on the horizon, but I also have dozens of projects from the past few months to share with you. I've missed blogging, and I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle!

Images | Styling by Lauryl Lane.