I realize it's nearly time for another weekend... ah well. I wanted to revive this old "regular" that I used to do in years past, so I remembered to take pictures all weekend long! And then forgot to post them. Oops!

Coffee. Lots of it.

Still getting used to drinking decaf (currently eliminating caffeine & alcohol, doctor's orders, to help with my altitude-sickness).

Streaming KPCC from Los Angeles (because Denver's NPR station is BAD).

Ironing kitchen towels (ironing can be so therapeutic).

Delicious breakfasts by {lovah}.

Some lawn mowing.

And leaf-raking, and stick-picking-up, and bush-trimming, and lawn-clipping-bagging (oh ps. that yard that we wanted so much? hate it. miss our tiny yard and our gardeners like CRAZY).

Screen-installing. Home-airing.

Happiness is: discovering you have a lilac bush in your front yard!!!!!

Spring-bringing. Into the house, that is.


There was also a lot of eating out, with several misses but at least one really tremendous hit. More about that meal at a later date!

Images by Lauryl Lane.