welcome 2013!

LaurylLane-HappyNewYear Somehow we survived the "end of the world" (sans zombie apocalypse), and found ourselves at the end of the year. I'm not sure how it all happened so quickly, but here we are in 2013!

2012 was a rough year for me in many ways. I experienced a great deal of loss on a very personal level, and had to make some hard choices both in my personal life and regarding my business. Change is hard, but so, so good. I am learning and growing in ways I never imagined I would. I look forward to the year ahead with more excitement than I've ever felt before. 2013 is brimming with possibilities and today truly feels like the first day of the rest of my life. I am beyond grateful for where I am, and so thrilled by the beauty that surrounds me. May you, too, be surrounded by beauty and energized for the days that stretch before us! Happy New Year!

Image of the Silver Lake Reservoir by Lauryl Lane.

recharging at mount washington

Self-Realization Fellowship 3880 San Rafael Ave. Los Angeles, CA (323) 225-2471

One of my favorite tranquil spots in Los Angeles is the Self-Realization Fellowship on Mt. Washington. The property and Mediterraean-style building of the Fellowship were part of an exclusive hotel over a century ago. During World War I, the building served as a convalescent hospital for solders, but it has been the home of a spiritual community since 1925. The grounds are free and open to the pubic, and despite the close proximity to and view of downtown Los Angeles, it feels like it is completely secluded. The beautifully cultivated gardens are lush and green, and offer many spots for quiet contemplation or meditation. It is a serene respite from the fast-pace of city living.

Images by Lauryl Lane.

a visit to grammy and grandpa...

I took these images at my Grandparent's winter abode, their San Antonio condominium, three and a half years ago. My {lovah} and I were visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday, and it had been quite a few years since I'd been there, so I wandered around one afternoon, taking pictures of things that I remembered from when I was a little girl, fascinated by all the lovely, fragile items that my Grammy decorated with. My skills with the camera have improved dramatically since I shot these images, but sharing them now seems necessary, cathartic.

My grandfather is dying. He doesn't have long. I plan to be with him soon in Cleveland, to say goodbye, but every day is difficult. My grandmother loves him so much, and I can see her falling apart at the seams as she contemplates life without him. They've been married for over sixty-five years. It seems so unfair to me that they've recently reached such a milestone, only to have it be their last. In between my daily meetings, photo shoots, writing contracts and recipes, sketching design ideas... I spend time on the phone. With my grandmother, my mother, my siblings, my cousin, discussing the inevitability to come. I break down crying, in random moments, while I'm typing at the computer or washing dishes or even in the middle of a morning run.

My grandfather is nearly 88 years old. He's lived a long and incredibly rewarding life. He's touched many lives, saved many lives, during his years working as a neurosurgeon. He's been such a kind and generous grandfather. In fact, he's been like a father to me- giving me advice when he knew I needed it, pushing me to work harder, to follow my dreams. He financed most of my education, an education that I am so grateful for today.

I could go on and on about my Grandpa George, and I'm sure I will, eventually. But for now, these pictures remind me of all the happy times I spent here with them. In the next month, my mother and I will be dismantling this house. It's been sold, my grandparents won't be back. The thought is devastating, but I suppose that all good things must come to an end. Even the lives of those we love.

I thought that I would narrate these images, but it seems unnecessary. My grandmother has very eclectic taste, which I'm sure is quite obvious from the images. She loves chinoiserie, and there are bits of oriental design and art throughout all of her homes. She has a knack for arranging things so that even the most mundane items are aesthetically pleasing. My mother has that knack, too. They both passed that knack on to me. I am grateful. Grateful for the dearest, sweetest, kindest, most wonderful grandparents in the whole wide world, for everything that they have taught me. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for Grammy Laurie and Grandpa George, and I just felt the need to put my feelings out there, into the universe, into the world wide web, so everyone can know how much I love and adore these two beautiful people.

back in the saddle

I've been traveling for the past two weeks, wonderful wonderful days of work + play in my home city of Los Angeles. I'm energized and inspired after spending time with some of my best friends in the wedding industry, after getting lots of great counsel and advice from people who know what makes me tick. I have been jotting down ideas and goals, pages and pages of them, but my number one priority now that I'm back with my {lovah} in Colorado? Finish organizing my office!!!

It seems a little silly to finish this project when {lovah} and I have decided that we'll be moving when our lease is up in two short months, but I figure that the more organized my office is now, the easier it will be to pack and relocate when the time comes.

I still need to clean out my files and do some purging, but things are coming together. I have loads of styling jobs and lovely weddings on the horizon, but I also have dozens of projects from the past few months to share with you. I've missed blogging, and I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle!

Images | Styling by Lauryl Lane.