You are a rockstar at what you do.
— Lindsey Arotin, Bride, Santa Monica, California
Image by James Christensen.

Image by James Christensen.

Dear Lauryl,

Just a little note to thank you for the beautiful floral display you made possible for Courtney and Shawn's wedding in Aspen. The flowers at the Baldwin Gallery blew me away! They were perfect for the art work and setting. The flowers for the wedding were perfect! I loved the chuppah, the gorgeous asymmetrical design, the bridesmaids bouquets as well as Courtney's, and the boutonnieres! I loved the aspen leaves fluttering in the breeze! The room looked amazing - perfect linens, table settings and the grapevine triple tiered wreaths! The grand entrance with the trees was breathtaking! The brunch flowers were cheery and looked beautiful at The Jerome. Lauryl, you were so helpful and made our dream wedding come true! Thank you!

-Jamie Hague, Mother of Bride
Chicago, Illinois

Image by Laura Murray.

Image by Laura Murray.


 Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on our wedding flowers! The arch, bouquets, table flowers, decor, - everything was stunning! The flowers made a huge impact in really making all the decor come together! And I love the way the ribbon treatments turned out! Denver is really going to miss you! Andy and I feel so lucky we had you as our floral stylist! THANK YOU!!

-Erin Sobon & Andy Sundet, Bride and Groom
Denver, Colorado

You helped to create one of the most beautiful events anybody had ever seen before.
— Nancy Ballou, Mother of Groom, Irvine, California
Image by True Weddings.

Image by True Weddings.

Are you walking around with a glow of congratulations cloaked about you like a royal garment? You should be! Our wedding was so... incredible, so magical--people are devastated that its over and we all have to return to our mundane lives. You helped to create one of the most beautiful events anybody had ever seen before. I had 15 text messages on Sunday morning shouting praise and adoration! You outdid yourself! You did the impossible by making 160 people feel like an intimate garden party for 12. I loved looking around at my guests and seeing them just studying all the details. Not one element was lost, every touch was noted. Your team worked hard and it paid off beyond belief! Lauryl, words are so phenomenally inadequate but thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm truly indebted.  

-Nancy Ballou, Mother of Groom  
Irvine, California

Lauryl’s style is both sophisticated and edgy and she possesses a range of creative capacity that allows her to meet the needs of even the most discriminating client.
— Summer Watkins, Stylist & Blogger, Hermosa Beach, CA

As a professional stylist, finding the highest quality vendors is of utmost importance for the success of a photo shoot. For this reason, Lauryl Lane is at the top of my list of floral designers I prefer to work with. She has impeccable taste and is a stylist in her own right, so her work is always above and beyond expectation. Lauryl’s style is both sophisticated and edgy and she possesses a range of creative capacity that allows her to meet the needs of even the most discriminating client. Lauryl is at the forefront of the floral design industry and I could not recommend her more highly!  

-Summer Watkins, Stylist & Blogger
Hermosa Beach, California

Image by Desi Baytan.

Image by Desi Baytan.

Lauryl is AMAZING. Honestly, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our wedding flowers were everything I wanted and then some. Lauryl was also a total pleasure to work with. She's super fun and makes the floral design part of wedding planning really exciting. I had particular flowers and elements that I wanted, but more than anything I wanted the flowers to evoke a certain feeling, and Lauryl got to the bottom of that very quickly... She created a dreamy floral wonderland that evoked exactly the feeling I had in mind, in a manner that was ten times more gorgeous than anything I had envisioned.

I wanted to be very involved in the creative process of my wedding décor, so I emailed Lauryl frequently with all sorts of questions and ideas. While some vendors may have been unreceptive, Lauryl was unfailingly encouraging and wonderful, turning what could have been a stressful part of wedding planning into a complete joy. She also kept me involved in decisions and had terrific ideas. I felt that she very quickly understood what I liked, and she knew how to execute it perfectly.

Throughout the planning process, I quickly came to have the utmost respect for Lauryl and I trusted her completely to make design choices and create beautiful florals for our wedding. Despite my very high expectations, I was STILL blown away by how gorgeous everything she touched was. She managed to fill all of my requests, keep me involved in the process, and create ceremony and reception florals that were 100% me, all the while maintaining her own artistic vision and making everything so much prettier than I could have imagined. She is an incredible talent. I recommend her without hesitation.  

-Laura Rosen, Bride  
New York City, New York

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Image by One Love Photo.

Image by One Love Photo.

Dear Lauryl,  
I can't believe it has been over a month since the wedding! I have my bouquet hanging in the kitchen & every time I see it I think of the beautiful decor you created. When I first saw your work online, I knew your style was exactly what I envisioned for the wedding. What you created was more than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for contributing to such a gorgeous day, I truly hope to witness some of your wonderful style & creativity in the future.  

-Jaclyn (Kilfoyle) Giulliano, Bride  
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hi Lauryl! I don’t know where to begin! You did the most amazing job and it was simply the most beautiful wedding I’ve seen. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and for all the little extras. The bouquets were amazing, particularly Jaclyn’s. I LOVED my wrist corsage…how clever with the ribbon. Everything was perfect and people commented on the flowers and decorations all night.

Thanks again for everything. You’re extremely talented but your sensitivity and kindness also comes through in your creations.  

-Teresa Kilfoyle-Nall, Mother of Bride  
Los Angeles, California

Image by Lauryl Lane.

Image by Lauryl Lane.

Thank you so much for making our wedding dream a reality. I can't even sleep right now because of all the wonderful memories I have in my mind. We love you and had loads of fun during the planning. You are a rockstar at what you do. The bouquet was BEYOND AWESOME. Thank you again!!!  

-Lindsey Arotin, Bride  
Santa Monica, California

Image by Alec Vanderboom.

Image by Alec Vanderboom.

Our wedding flowers and venue design were the incredible conception of Lauryl Lane, who also happens to be my oldest sister. We were completely blown away by the magic she created with her incredible vision; from chandeliers hanging in the trees to moss covered tables, she captured the elusive elegance that I requested. Lauryl's work is beautiful and amazing. I'm constantly impressed by her ability to transform events into magical vignettes. Lauryl is like the fairy godmother/magician of all things wedding and botanical.  

-Olivia Lane Berman, Bride  
Princeton, New Jersey

Image by Michael & Anna Costa.

Image by Michael & Anna Costa.

Dear Lauryl, Thank you so much!!!! Wow, wow, wow- everything looked so amazing! My bouquet was more gorgeous than I ever could have imagined & all the flower arrangements were exactly what I had envisioned. You were so wonderful to work with and I can’t tell you enough how happy we were with how everything turned out. Oh- & the chuppah was so gorgeous! Thank you so much, & best of luck in the future!

Hi Lauryl- Basically everything you did kicked ass. We heard nothing but compliments the whole night about your work. Thank you so much for making our wedding beautiful.

-Petrel & Jacob Farkas, Bride & Groom
Portland, Oregon


Image by Jasmine Star.

Image by Jasmine Star.

Lauryl Lane, Floral Extraordinaire, was the one who was responsible and the mastermind behind our flower creations. We came to her with ideas and that we mostly wanted a rustic vintage vibe that incorporated the use of cotton.. lots and lots of cotton.. Honestly.. when I try to describe how insanely talented and amazing Lauryl is I can’t do it.. I can’t put words down that would do her work justice.. so I won’t even try.. All I can say though is that Lauryl is super easy to work with, fun and energetic, ridiculously talented and an incredibly hard worker! I will refer everyone I know to her for the rest of my life.  

-Brandon Kidd, Groom
Yorba Linda, California

Image by Ryan Phillips.

Image by Ryan Phillips.

Hi Lauryl, I just got back from my honeymoon. Thank you for your beautiful work. It was a wonderful day and your flowers were just magical against the backdrop on the location. The flowers were beautiful. I am so lucky to have found your card that day at Thread Design. Thank you again.

I was really amazed at how much attention to detail you put into each aspect of our wedding. Everything looked great. And you especially did a great job decorating the bamboo arch that we built.

Sunshine & Gary Silverston, Bride & Groom
Marina del Rey, California



Pretty much all I can say is…WOW! For someone who had only met me briefly a couple of times (and emailed me quite a few times…), the design was completely and utterly me. I thought the words of describing what I wanted for my wedding style—elegant bohemian—were a bit different, but you pulled it off with amazingly gorgeous and unique flair. From the wonderfully unusual flower arrangements to the way you “dressed up” a very unaesthetically pleasing venue, you were a creative guru! All my husband and I can say about your work is this: simply beautiful. Thank you.  

-Christina Graves, Bride
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I am finally settling down after the wedding, and wanted to write you a brief note of thanks. The flowers for our wedding conveyed the exact combination of whimsy and beauty that Roy and I were striving for. That you were able to incorporate my favorite flower, hydrangeas, into the bouquets was wonderful, as was incorporating the gold ribbon to match my dress. I appreciated the way you listened to what I wanted—simple, elegant, fun—and how you took time and care making not only my bouquet but the attendants’ flowers as well. The elegance of all the arrangements (including those on the tables) helped create a refined yet lighthearted atmosphere for the ceremony and reception. I am very grateful for your professionalism and care. Many thanks.

-Lori MacDonald, Bride
Alameda, California


Lauryl, I was incredibly pleased with the outstanding arrangements you made for our wedding. Every detail was perfect, from boutonnieres to the reception arrangements; the designs you created were exquisite. My husband still remembers them as one of his favorite parts of our wedding celebration. We really did love the flowers and they added so much. Thank you for helping me figure out exactly what I wanted and for helping it come to fruition! Thanks again!

-Alyssa Jordan, Bride
Birmingham, Alabama