clean slate

I love Mondays. I know that many people consider Monday their least favorite day of the week, because they have to go back to work after a few days of "personal" time. But for me, Mondays are the start of something fresh and new. They are a clean slate. I often work weekends since I'm in the event business, so perhaps my schedule is a bit skewed... But I love the fact that Monday restarts each new week, full of new ideas, new discoveries, new potential.

It's a little warmer out this morning, and the sun is shining. I know winter isn't over yet, but the warmer days every once in a while remind me that we're on the cusp of spring. Spring-- the season when everything springs back to life. I cannot wait for it to arrive! In the meantime, I have some exciting styling jobs on my plate this week and a best friend coming to town for a visit! Hope your week looms ahead with many things to look forward to, as well!

Larkspur, rosemary and monkeytail... promising that Spring is just around the corner!

Images | Floral Design | Styling by Lauryl Lane.