why i blog

Ah, blogging. I've been having an existential crisis lately over blogging and what it means to me and why I do it and how it affects me and blah blah blah... I won't bore you with the details. (I wrote a 700-word post explaining my thought process over the past few weeks, but when I re-read it, I thought, "this is just the sort of crap that I skip reading on blogs," so ta-da, none of that!).

Every few years I have to take a break from blogging, re-evaluate, try to get over feeling weird about having so much of my "self" available on the interwebs... You know. Self-inflicted crisis. This time the whole thing was instigated by Pinterest, and I had a few freak-out moments resulting in asking Pinterest to remove all the images that had been pinned from my blog/site (literally there were HUNDREDS of them / Yes, Pinterest quickly removed them). Then I had the no-pin meta-tag added to my site. I hope my fears about Pinterest are unfounded-- my friends tell me that I need to chill, and they're probably right (they usually are), but for now, I'm taking a Pinterest sabbatical.

I'm also shifting the focus of this blog. When I started blogging over seven years ago, my blog was my online diary. As more people read it, I became less personal. Then I started my business and the blog shifted into a way to showcase my work. Lately I've felt burdened to write regularly and post as much work as possible, but the truth of the matter is, I just don't have the time for that.

I love blogging. I'm compelled to blog. But I don't like sticking to a schedule, I don't like feeling like I have to post something every day, I don't like the pressure that's associated with being a "blogger." So I'm shifting the focus away from business, and back to daily life. I'll blog less about my work and more about what I'm eating, what I'm reading, what I'm inspired by. As a stylist, I recognize that "work" and "daily life" are essentially synonymous for me, and that's okay. The point is, I need to take the pressure off of myself. The blog will remain public, but it's no longer linked from my business website. I imagine most of you reading this are the family and close friends who are subscribed via RSS feed and have been reading this all along...

Thanks for bearing with me, thanks for commenting and communicating and making me feel more like part of a community.

Good on 'ya. And 400+ words is better than 700+, right? Back to pretty pictures and fewer words, stat!

Image | Styling by Lauryl Lane.