bouquets for the neighbors

I am fortunate to have some of the nicest neighbors around. They are always up for an impromptu happy hour on the patio or grilling a quick dinner together. Because they are so nice and {lovah} and I are so lucky, I made up these sweet little bouquets of happy flowers to share with them.

I recently watched a segment on the news about happy communities... and it was said that one of the primary contributing factors to happy communities and happy people is knowing and being friendly with your neighbors. This creates a feeling of safety and well-being. I can totally relate to that, because knowing my neighbors definitely makes me feel happy and secure.

Sometimes I fill our shared L.A. city green bins with so much floral debris that there is no room for any of the neighbors to add anything... and yet I've never once heard a complaint from them. Like I said, they are super nice. So I hope I brought a smile to their faces when I left these bouquets on their doorsteps. Neighbors, you're the best. xoxo

Images | Florals | Styling by Lauryl Lane.