natural mood enhancers

More cold, rainy days here in Colorado. I won't lie- the weather here depresses me. Locals like to talk about how sunny it is, but they are clearly not from Southern California! I never thought of myself as a sun-worshipper since I'm fair-skinned and have always had to make a concerted effort to shield myself from the sun's rays. Yet after only five months of living in Denver, my doctor informed me that I was Vitamin D deficient! Who knew? I'm looking forward to lots of travel in sunny regions in the days ahead, but for now I'm trying to use bright flowers as mood-enhancers in lieu of sunshine. You've heard of pet therapy, right? Well, how about some flower-therapy instead? I've heard it can cure a multitude of woes!

Images | Floral Design | Styling by Lauryl Lane.

Cake Styling

A year ago I blogged about styling a cake for Joy the Baker. It was a blast to work with Joy, totally fun, and we had some good laughs over how very unglamorous these photos shoots are behind the scenes. If only people knew... I'm not going to lie, I was a little devastated when the cake I styled failed to pass muster with Joy's editors. You see, it was supposed to be for the cover of her new cookbook. I was sooooo excited about that. I've had my designs on the cover of a magazine... not once, but twice. That's a pretty big deal. But the cover of a Joy the Baker Cookbook? That made my little heart go pitter patter pumpernickel.

Alas and alack, it wasn't to be. The cookbook editors went a different direction. Ah, well, I suppose the cake I styled can live on in infamy on this, my little bloggity-blog. At least I can look at it, and that makes me happy.

Images by Joy Wilson | Floral Design by Lauryl Lane.

the little things

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could not have said it better. The little things ARE infinitely the most important. Many people think of flowers as a "little thing." Or a luxury. I suppose they could be categorized either way. But whether "little" or "luxury," they make the world a brighter place. I can't imagine living without the ability to fashion and cultivate these gorgeous bits of nature into works of art.

Hand-tied bouquets are always my favorite. Always. Without question.

I also love boutonnières, and long for these to come back into vogue for more frequent use than weddings!

But centerpieces, where would we be without centerpieces? They make any dull table gay. They bring the outdoors in. They remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.

Oh sweet fleurs, I adore you. You cheerful red and orange ranunculas, you delightful textured balls of scabiosa pod, you perpetually-blooming stars of bethlehem, and you luscious cedar: yum. Yummy yum yum!

Images | Floral Design | Styling by Lauryl Lane.