Lauryl Lane



Bouquet by Season | Spring

I recently designed four bouquets, each representative of a different season. As spring is now upon us in my part of the world, I thought it would be appropriate to share the bouquet that stands for spring! I used some quintessentially "springy" flowers, along with succulents, which are heavily indicative of spring to me. In Southern California, succulents begin to show their offspring in the spring- a single succulent can "birth" nearly a dozen little babies! I love seeing the little succulent babies growing, and when they are big enough, detaching them and moving them to their own little plots of land where they can mature and then reproduce themselves!

Although spring here in Denver is not what I am used to, and it brings with it weird fuzz in the air that makes me sneeze, moody weather changes, and more bugs than I've ever seen in my life... there is still promise in the air- promise of grass greening, flowers blooming, sunnier skies and warmer days ahead. After the seemingly endless days of winter, this promise of new life, this burst of color, cannot help but bring a smile to my face. And hopefully, to your face as well!

Floral Design by Lauryl Lane | Images by Sara Hasstedt. Seasonal bouquet series |  SpringSummerAutumnWinter