january afternoon

I arrived home yesterday after being with my family in Cleveland for a week. The "currently reading" post that went up last Tuesday had been scheduled in advance, but otherwise the lack of posting was due to the fact that I was traveling, and grieving. My younger cousin Peter, who had been tormented by mental illness for the past ten years, chose to leave this life in search of something better. I still can't think of him without crying, but I am comforted by the knowledge that he is finally free.

It is good to be back home with my husband, and back to work. Emails have piled up. Meetings have been rescheduled. Taxes still need to be finished. Work is good, and keeps my mind occupied. Because the truth is, life goes on. I feel like taking a week to grieve with my family may be considered indulgent in this day and age, but the reality of the situation is... I needed it.

Denver is cold and dreary, much like Cleveland was. I do long for a bit of sunshine and some warmer days, to help me shake this melancholy. Fortunately, I have these pictures, taken January 20th, 2011. Just one year ago, this is how green and sunshiny my back patio was in Los Angeles. I had a snack lunch under the shade of my sun umbrella. Tea and toast on a chilly day in Colorado isn't quite the same, so I am grateful to have these images to bolster my spirits. Life goes on, and we learn to cope as best we are able...

Back to work!

Images | Styling by Lauryl Lane.