Today marks the 65th wedding anniversary of my maternal grandparents. SIXTY-FIVE YEARS!!! They are now in their mid-80's, and as a couple they have been my role models for a happy, healthy marriage. My husband and I often say that if we can love each other even half as much as Grammy and Grandpa do, we'll be golden.

I love these pictures from my sister Olivia's wedding. Aren't they precious? I wouldn't be the wife, the daughter, the sister, the business woman, the artist that I am today if it weren't for George and Laurie Hoke and the incredible influence they've had on my life. They have shaped my world in every possible way, and I owe them so very, very much.

I know I am blessed to still have grandparents around, and I am grateful for Grammy and Grandpa every single day. My wish today is that they will be granted many more years of health and happiness together.

Images by Alec Vanderboom. Florals by Lauryl Lane.