winter wonderland

Less than a week after I arrived in Denver, I woke up one morning to about eight inches of snow!!! First snow of the season, and in October!!! And exactly one week later, we got ten inches more!  The locals here say all the early snow is unusual and probably means that we're in for a mean winter. I'm slightly terrified and also terribly excited. The prospect of a white Christmas absolutely thrills me to pieces!

I don't mind being "snowed-in." I suppose that's one of the great things about working from home, and also one of the worst! I never get to claim a snow day, work is always just a few steps away. But on the upside, that also means that if I am snowed-in, there's a very slim chance that I'll get cabin fever. I'll always have something to do!

Having an early snow like this sure made for some particularly gorgeous trees- it's just stunning to see the changing leaf colors with a layer of snow on them. Pretty, pretty!

And I couldn't resist an image of my "Cali-convertible" completely covered in white powder. When I bought this car, I definitely didn't envision it like this!

It amazed me how much the snow blows around- even the succulents on my covered back patio were covered in drifts of snow. I've since moved my succulents into the studio... they didn't seem to be a big fan of freezing temperatures.

I also had to cut back the palm tree - the weight of the snow ended up breaking almost all of the branches. And the fountain has been turned off since we discovered that even running water can freeze!

I know that many people don't like snow or cold temperatures- and while I'll admit that I'm not yet fully adjusted and my winter wardrobe needs some serious improvements- I also know that the biggest things I've missed living in Southern California have been experiencing all four seasons and SNOW!!! There is something ridiculously cozy about snuggling under a blanket and looking out your window at a white winter wonderland. I love it.

Images by Lauryl Lane.