autumnal martha

When Martha arrives, all I want to do is brew a cup of tea and cozy up on the sofa to flip through page after glossy page of stunning images. Martha Stewart Living has been my favorite magazine since I was a young girl. When I was in grade school, our next-door-neighbor, Mrs. Rubottom (if you're reading this, Mrs. Ru, hi!), would pass MSL issues on to my mother after she'd read them. I devoured those issues. Later, my mum got her own subscription and I would often intercept the latest issue before mum even knew it had arrived.

After my college days of reading Cosmopolitan and Glamour (once I realized that I no longer cared about features like "10 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy"), when I was in my own little apartment with my {lovah}, I got my own subscription to Martha. Although I've subscribed to many other magazines over the years, Martha Stewart Living is the only magazine that I've continued to get consistently, with no lapses. I keep all my past issues, because they are always relevant and I often find myself pulling out all the past May issues for gardening ideas or all the past December issues for holiday decor inspiration. It's good to have a few "constants" in your life. Martha is my "constant."

On an unrelated note, I recently inherited my great-grandmother's gorgeous velvet-upholstered sofa. Every time I walk through the living room and spot this beauty, I think of dear Grandma Vasu and I imagine how pleased she would be to see her sofa in my home.

It's the little things...

Images | Styling by Lauryl Lane.