checking in and some clematis

Hello! Hello! Big changes happening here in the studio and I'm busy-busy-busy. I have lots of pretty weddings and events and other fun photos to share, but just haven't had the time to sit down and write the posts. My baby sister (aka 15 going on 25) Maggie will be interning for me this summer and I can hardly WAIT to have her help. She asked how much the internship pays and I said "room and board." Apparently she doesn't quite understand the concept of an internship yet. She will by the time it's over!  ;-) She arrives in just two weeks and I've got MAJOR PLANS for the weeks she'll be with me. Hopefully you'll get to see the fruits of our labor, I might even teach her how to do some blog posting... you never know. You'll get to hear about our time together, regardless!

I've been thinking of some regular features that I'd like to add here to the blog, but in the meantime, please excuse me, posts will be sporadic at best... but enjoy these images of gorgeous clematis!

Images | Florals | Styling by Lauryl Lane.