woodland nymph

Good morning! Today I'm working away in the studio on a wedding, but I thought I'd share some photos of a prototype tablescape that I created for one of my brides earlier this spring. This bride was working with me long-distance from her home in Michigan, but her mother came to meet with me and we sent photos to the bride while we discussed the prototype with her on the phone. I rarely do prototypes for my clients. I hate being tied down to something, which is essentially what happens when a sample is created and agreed upon. As an artist, I prefer having the artistic freedom of creating the design AS I'm designing it-- i.e., during the actual build of the wedding.

But in this case, the prototype was a very good thing. The bride had booked me quite far in advance, and so the vision for her wedding had evolved over time. This prototype viewing was important for figuring out if we were on the same page after all of the changes and tweaks to the overall vision. The bride's mother kept telling the bride that she felt that "woodland nymphs" might come scampering out of the tablescape at any time. While I loved that description, it wasn't the feel we were going for. In the end, this tablescape changed dramatically. Eventually, I'll show you pictures of the final tablescapes at the wedding. But for now, enjoy some "woodland nymph." ;-)

Images | Florals | Styling by Lauryl Lane.