awards show weekend

The Academy Awards are tomorrow, will you be watching? It's one of my favorite evenings of the year, the chance to see Hollywood royalty (and many of my clients!) all dressed up in their most formal attire, coiffed, bejeweled, and utterly entrancing!

Every year I hope to see more flowers. Not that there aren't bajillions of flowers at The Kodak Theatre on awards day (I've watched the floral installations before and they are UNBELIEVABLE!!!), but we rarely see the film talent wearing corsages, boutonnieres, or any other floral adornment. With The Artist as one of the number one contenders for Best Picture, I'm really hoping that there will be a return to "Old-Hollywood" elegance this year. Might we even see some classic carnation boutonnieres??? Fingers crossed!

Carnations have gotten a really bad rap in the past, and I understand why. Poorly designed, as they almost always are in supermarket arrangements, they look like crap. But with the proper care, good mechanics, and unexpected accompaniments, carnations really can shine. And as a boutonniere, a carnation can conjure up images of the elite brotherhood of gentlemen who wore a carnation "buttonhole" every single day in England around the turn of the century. Oh dear, now I'm going to imagine myself in the world of Downton Abbey again...

Happy Weekend!

Image | Floral Design | Styling by Lauryl Lane.