simple garden roses

Garden roses are extremely popular right now for weddings and events, highly coveted for their variegated colors, full, luscious petals, ruffly textures and intoxicating fragrances. While the garden roses that are cultivated for cut-flower use tend to be very expensive, now is the time to cut and enjoy the garden roses growing in your yard... or your neighbor's yard! During the months of May and June, the rose bush in my yard in Denver went wild! Now I see the roses in Los Angeles are going crazy, too. They don't have a long vase-life, but they sure are lovely for the few days that they will last in water-- and they will fill your home with their heady scent!

Images | Floral Design | Styling by Lauryl Lane.

monday monday

Monday again. Back to the grind. But such a pleasant grind!

I must confess the Academy Awards were a bit of a disappointment. Apart from the actual awards (most were quite well-deserved, in my opinion), Esmerelda Spalding's heavenly vocals, and seeing my girl-crush, Rooney Mara, looking exquisite... well, the show was a let-down. And I was a little devastated by Billy Crystal's racist remarks. I was reminded why I left the film industry, and why I love the wedding industry so very, very much.

Fun stuff to come this week: flowers, yummy baked goods, and copious cups of tea. Just a few of my favorite things!

radio silence

Thanks to all who have sent messages and tried to alert me that my website was down. It was actually out since Tuesday night due to some major hard-drive failures at the server host. As a result, my email wasn't working properly either, so I've been biting my fingernails the past few days, feeling somewhat at a loss.... you've no idea how much I rely on this site and my email for the day-to-day operations of running this business. I told my grandmother about this over the phone yesterday, and about the blizzard we're currently experiencing here in Denver, and she encouraged me to use the time wisely and consider it a "gift." I did manage to clean my office after having turned it into a war zone while I was prepping and paying my business taxes... and now that we're back "online," I'm excited to jump back into corresponding with my clients, relaying new design ideas, and of course, blogging!

Have a wonderful weekend! Real wedding coming at you on Monday morning!

Image | Styling by Lauryl Lane.