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is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. Know what's even better? A frozen chai with a shot of espresso. Nothing like it. Hopefully now I can make it through the morning without falling asleep.

I think my insomnia is getting worse. I keep telling Sammy that if he'd move in with me I'm sure I could sleep better-- but he either doesn't believe me or doesn't care that I can never sleep at night and am exhausted all day long.

The drain gnats are still around. I taped up the sink drain and disposal, as well as a crack behind the sink that I thought they might be coming through. Sammy probably killed 20 last night, and I probably killed that many during the day yesterday... plus the glass of vinegar caught a nice bunch of them, but they are still hanging around. I am SO frusterated.

I got 4 new Amelia Peabody mysteries in the mail yesterday! God bless! I am so obsessed with these books right now, they are simply the greatest. Also reading a "fluff" novel that was mailed to me last year by the author-- it's even signed. She wanted me to promote the book in the entertainment section of The Collegian and amongst TU Theatre Students (the story is about an aspiring actress is NYC), but I never got around to reading it while I was still in school. I can't even describe how wonderful it is to read novels again.

Sammy and I rented 'Guess Who?' on DVD last night and laughed oh-so-hard. Yeah, it was typcal, predictable, etc., etc... but it was pretty damn funny, too. And a bit bittersweet- Samuel always relates to characters who get into trouble with their father-in-laws-to-be. He hates it too, that in the movies that father-in-law and son-in-law always end up being friends in the end. My stepfather was horrible to him- worse than anything you've seen in Meet the Parents or Guess Who? - and has never warmed up to him or even attempted to be nice. Roy (my Dad) on the other hand has been wonderful from the beginning, which I hope makes up for David being such a prick.

We've decided to move to L.A. in MARCH. My lease on the apartment is up the end of February, and we don't see any point in sticking around T-Town after that, so we just decided that we're going to up and leave. Now for saving up money for the move in addition to paying for this wedding...

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brookeandpaul said...
cheese and rice! that is soon! fun stuff! congrats on getting outta here...

do you get the chai freeze at borders? omg that thing is unreal. sometimes we think of reasons we "need" to go to borders, just to get one.

10:49 AM
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